Studied at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus for five years and graduated July-2010.

  • Oud as primary specialization under supervision of the Azerbaijani prof. Askar Ali Akbar and the oud master Essam Rafea the chief of the Arabic Music Department at the Institute.

  • Harmony and composing: prof. Sergei Koberanov.

  • Music arranging: Composer Hassan Taha.

  • Orchestra conducting: Conductor Missak Baghboudarian.

  • Secondary specialization 'piano' under supervision of the piano master Flavio Matni.

2019: Graduated from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, after he studied there for two years at the Soloist-line (The Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in rhythmic composition).

Oud Concerts and Participations

2016: Had a tour in Europe and UK together with Damon Albarn and The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians:

  • Holland (Amsterdam): Koninklijk Theater Carré, Holland Festival.

  • UK: Glastonbury Festival, Pyramid Stage (opening the main stage).

  • UK (London): Royal Festival Hall ("14-18 Now" Festival)

  • Turkey (Istanbul): Cemil Topuzlu Open-air Theatre (Istanbul Jazz Festival).

  • Denmark: Roskilde Festival, opening the orange stage.

           Soloist with Blood Sweat Drum&Bass at Ridehus in Aarhus within Aarhus Jazz Festival.

           Concerts with The Syrian Expat Ensemble and different bands.

2015: The founder of The Syrian Expat Ensemble in diaspora after reassembling the soloists of the Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music 'previously'.
           Concerts within The Syrian Caravan in Aarhus and Copenhagen playing with The Syrian National Ensemble, Nouri Iskandar string quartet and Dunia Ensemble.
           Released ‘Dunia Tales’ album with Dunia ensemble after a tour in Denmark.
           Solo Oudist with S. Møller big band in Trondheim, Norway.
           Solo concert in Tranquebar, Copenhagen.

2014: Played with Damon Albarn and Brian Eno at The Church House - London.
           Live concert with Li-Dine band on Swedish TV4 in Stockholm.
           Tour with ‘Morten Carlsen and Dunia’ band and ‘Grænseløs’ band around Denmark 2014-2015.

2013: Concerts within ‘Jammin’ project with Dicte-singer and Dennis Ahlgren-guitarist at Radar, Aarhus.
           Concerts with Blood sweat drum & bass big band in Aarhus Concert Hall, Holstebro, Bremen “JazzAhead fest. and Copenhagen Jazz House.

2011-2012: Concerts with RUM big band in Jarash festival, Aqaba, Amman (Mawqef-British council, Baladi theater, Amman fi Ramadan..)

2010: Tour with ‘Listen!’ jazz trio in Oslo, Lillehammer ‘Dolajazz festival and Trondheim-Norway.

2009-2010: Concerts within ‘Fest.Town and ‘RAMA festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

2009: Played the Oud concerto by the Syrian composer Nouri Iskandar in his reverence concert in Aleppo Culture House, Syria.
            Musical works by J.S Bach under the title ‘Bach Arabic Passions’ with a German Symphony Orchestra, conductor: prof. Vladimir Ivanov, Damascus and Beirut.

2007: The dedication concert of the Damascus cultural week in Amman- Jordan.

2005-2012: Solo Concerts in many cities in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, Norway, Germany and Denmark.

2005-2012: Concerts as a tenor singer with the Choir of the Higher Institute of Music and The Syrian Symphony Orchestra.


Teaching and other Experiences

  • Giving workshops about Arabic scales, forms and quarter tone at:
    Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus, Denmark 2015 + 2016
    Copenhagen University, Denmark 2014
    Royal Academy, Oslo-Norway 2010
    Esbjerg Musikkonservatorium, Denmark 2013.

  • Participating at IASJ Jazz meeting, Denmark 2013.

  • Teaching preliminary Oud class at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus and The Faculty of Music in Homs 2007 to 2012.

  • Ear-training teacher (Arabic music included) and choir conductor 2006 to 2013 in many different institutes in Syria: Alshabiba, Solhi Alwadi, Ornina, Zeriab, Shahin, Harmony and the House of Tales and Music in Jordan with a storytelling accompaniment.


  • 2010: Styria Meets Syria with Austrian musicians working on traditional music under supervision of the Austrian embassy in Damascus.

  • 2009: With the Austrian composerStivan Holl in composition.

  • 2005 & 2009: With the Turkish oud prof. Mehmet Bitmez.

  • 2008: With the Turkish oud master Najati Chelick.

  • 2007: With the Syrian oud master Ayman Aljesri.